TISSUE Ultra 3 reception at Marsèlleria, Milano, June 20th





Interview with Sven Schumann in Flair Italy Issue 10


Flair Italy

Irène #5

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KIK TWO Exhibition Friday 2nd May, 9pm – late, Kino International, Berlin‏


“An die Freunde“ 


Art Exhibition and Event. 

Curated by Guest Curator Anna Erickson


Friday 2nd May 2014, 9pm – late

Entrance Free


11:00pm Video Screening in the Movie Theatre ‐ Nicolas Provost, “The Invader and The Origine of the World” 2014  and “Moving Stories” 2011

 Artists : Øystein Aasan, Awst & Walther, Maxime Ballesteros, Marcel Bühler, Jonas Burgert, Ed Clive, Zhivago Duncan, Martin Eder, Thomas Eller, Cécile B. Evans, Amir Fattal, Paul Green, Anthony James, Fiona James, Marin Majić, Jonathan Meese, Nicolas Provost, Ariel Reichman, Cornelia Renz, Emilie Trice, Pete Wheeler, Peter Wilde, Christopher Winter 11:59pm Party with DJ BORIS

11:59pm Party with DJ BORIS


You can find more information about KIK and KIK TWO at our Facebook page or on our website.

The event will be at the Kino International. (Click here for a map.)


Looking forward to seeing you there!

Peter Wilde and Christopher Winter

Directors of KIK



16 pages feature in Les Cahiers européens de l’imaginaire: ‘le fake’

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Les Cahiers Européens de l’imaginaire


Ping Pong group exhibition, Los Angeles


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Capture d’écran 2014-03-26 à 00.35.57

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In MB! by Mercedes Benz with Jen Gilpin

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Paris Fashion Week parties on Style.com

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Berlin Fashion Week on Style.com

Berlin Fashion Week s Best Moments Style.com  The Online Home of Fashion  News  Runway Shows  Trends  Fashion Models  Designers  Shopping  Beauty   More


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in DAS Magazin

Portraits of Geza Schön

DSC_1318 DSC_1319 DSC_1320 Geza_3

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Das Magazin


in Purple Fashion Magazine #21

Portraits of Kerim Seiler at his Berlin studio.

DSC_0804_2 DSC_0804 19210027

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Purple Fashion

photos © maxime ballesteros

I just started to put some work on a Tumblr…

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on Dazed Digital

My 2013   Dazed Digital

8_calm after flash flood, Arizonacalm after flash flood, Arizona – photo © maxime ballesteros

ZANA BAYNE’S 2013 on V Magazine



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In TISSUE Magazine #4


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