Tape Modern Curator’s Choice

Tape Modern Curator’s Choice

Tape Modern No.23Friday, The 9th of September 2011, 7pm-3am
In cooporation with Heidestrasse Galleries and Halle am Wasser openings.Opening: Friday, The 9th of September 7pm-3am.
Address: Heidestrasse 14, 10557 Berlin.
Free entry till 11pm, 6Euro after!

This year will be our last Tape Modern season and we wanted to make something special!
Please don’t miss The opening and the big after-party for the artfair weekend!
As part of our farewell series, we asked previous curators of Tape Modern to curate this special exhibition.
Tape Modern is curated by:
Carola Schmidt, Stephan Koehler, Daniel Kingery, Antje Engelmann,
Amir Fattal, Ana Finel Honigman, Gabriel Braun, Lutz Henke, Cecile Evans, Johannes weiss and Christopher Winter.
Artists: Tolia Astali + Dylan Pierce / Maxime Balesteros / Ina Viola Blasius / Madeleine Boschan Gabriel Braun / Clara Brörman / Mariechen Danz / Uros Djurovic , Cecile Evans Amir Fattal / Dennis Feser / Francesca Gavin / Alex Gross / Stine Marie Jacobsen Felix Kiessling / Daniel Kingery / Marc Klee / Halina Kliem / Timo Kloeppel Henry Krokatsis / Sasha Kurmaz / Barbora Kysilkova / Cyrill Lachauer Rebecca Lamarche Vadel / Linus Lohman / MEDIA DEFEKT – Shan Blume Martin Meyenburg / Regine Mueller Waldeck / Javier Peres / Fabian Panetta Eva Maria Salvador / Anton Steenbock  / Moritz Stumm  / Emilie Trice Kurt von Bley / Sascha Weidner 
After party by Dor Levi !
*Tape Modern is Organized by Amir Fattal and Johnathan Margulies.
*Image by Eva Maria Salvador
Untitled (Nr. 1), (from the series KÖPFE), 2011

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