2 years of SugarHigh !

It’s been almost two years now, since the #zero, that i’ve been contributing to SugarHigh, the daily berlin based edtitorial magazin. We met a variety of great people, traversed the whole of berlin, and we keep going.

a conversation with adriano sack, 07.07.11
a day of the dead specialty shop in kreuzberg, 01.11.10handmade, berlin-based sneaker brand opens shop, 10.01.11men’s label offers tailoring with a dark twist, 15.09.10
bruce labruce on the components of cool, 08.07.10
a chat with tim noble and sue webster, 29.04.11a conversation with jessica stam, 08.07.11disused crematorium evokes a lost past, 30.03.10
melissa drier on years of berlin fashion, 09.07.10thai street food meets west-end park picnic, 02.09.10the roundup for easter weekend, 02.04.10a s/s12 editorial spread, 11.07.11salon hosts night on voyeurism, 12.04.11
a visit to nico’s grave, 17.12.09
sugarhigh creative director alonso dominguez

Visit SugarHigh.de

All photos © Maxime Ballesteros

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