RADIUS.magazine, 1st issue

Part of the ongoing serie la plage is featured in the beautiful and freshly launch RADIUS.magazine

Don’t miss our Dear Emilie trice interview as well !

Thanks to CRESSIDA GREENING, CHRISTOPH HAMEISTER and  MATTHIAS KLIEFOTH, founders of RADIUS. magazine for inviting me to partcipate to the first issue.

RADIUS. magazine is an emerging platform for new impulses in art, fashion, design and music. Being Berlin based is a starting point which contains a sense of excitement and frustration at the same time; being a construct of never ending hype, creative freedom and openness yet being unfinished, unprofessional and in some way provincial. However you see it, the ongoing internationalisation of the city is bringing new impulses from all over the world. From that point RADIUS. magazine will present creative minds and their work at every stage of progression, in an international context. 

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