Freunde Von Freunden feature

“The foundation for Jennifer Gilpin’s and Maxime Ballesteros’ hardcore, hot aesthetic is their touching relationship with each other and their welcoming warmth towards friends. Alongside fellow fashion designer Kyle Callanan Jen produces Don’t Shoot The Messenger, one of Berlin’s most promising labels. Maxime contributes the brand’s arresting imagery and inspires the collection. Together, the couple functions as each other’s muses and collaborators. Jen and Maxime exemplify Berlin’s contemporary cosmopolitan sensibility. She is Canadian and he is French, yet together they embody Berlin’s historically liberal and creative culture.
DTSM, has a striking, tactile, sensual look which is distinctive without being theatrical or unwearable. Similarly, he photographs Berlin’s people and the cities where he travels with uncommon empathy and nuance. His work appears regularly in Flaunt, I-D, Interview Magazine, Kinki Magazine, Monocle, ZEIT Magazin and many more.
Since I am so lucky to be included in their crew of close friends and collaborators, we curled up on the leather sofas in their atelier to chat about their shared styles, intellectual aims and lives.”

Interview: Ana Finel-Honigman
Photography: © Ailine Liefeld


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