Purple #18 (20th anniversary issue) / Berlin Biography

photo : Terry Richardson

Extract of the editorial shot in Berlin for Purple Magazine with stylist Erika Kurihara, please see the full story HERE or on Purple.fr !

Please see the full story HERE
photography by Maxime Ballesteros
Bonnie Strange, Celyn Smyth, Chi Mai, Helga Wretman, Merle Winter, and Shermine Shahrivar, Berlin girls
Erika Kurihara, style
Teena Denzinger, make-up
Emmanuel Balogun, Brooke Hilden and Emma Czerny, stylist’s assistants
Special thanks to Olivier Zahm, Caroline Gaimari, Jen Gilpin and her team

photo © 2012 maxime ballesteros

One response to “Purple #18 (20th anniversary issue) / Berlin Biography

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    All the best -Terrence

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