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Ping Pong group exhibition, Los Angeles


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Amor Fati, at Pioneer Works, NYC

Exhibitions   PIONEER WORKS

Pioneer Works is pleased to present Amor Fati, a group exhibition curated by Anna Erickson and Wills Baker.

In Amor Fati, we bring together works from artists whose identity and practice shape an immersive look into Dionysian constructions. The works within this exhibition expose the many iterations of irrational human folly, destructive debauchery, primal intuition, ecstatic revelry, reckless exploit and sacrifice. Dionysus, with its celebration of everything that escapes human reason, is the mythological vessel distorting the rational world. In dialog with one another, the works display a modern paganism, revealing a cult of worship as an answer to the inevitable fall of the artist.

Artists included in Amor FatiDavid Armstrong, Maxime Ballesteros, Benjamin Degen, Zhivago Duncan, Richard Dupont, Martin Eder, Eloise Fornieles, Douglas Gordon, Loris Gréaud, Nir Hod, Michael Joo, Kika Karadi, John Miserendino, Yoko Ono, Angel Otero, Nicolas Provost, Matthew Stone, Stephen Tashijan, Mickalene Thomas, Andy Warhol, Graham Wilson, Nick van Woert

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday September 14th, 4pm-7pm


Anna Erickson is an art dealer based in New York. She began her career at Gagosian Gallery in New York, before moving abroad to join Haunch of Venison in Berlin, Germany. After living and working in Berlin for several years, during which time she curated the large-scale group exhibitions, “In Fifteen Minutes Everybody Will Be Famous” and “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” Anna returned to New York and is currently an Associate Director at Hauser & Wirth.

Wills Baker is an art advisor, curator and designer working out of Brooklyn, NY. Following positions at London’s Paradise Row gallery and Hauser & Wirth NY this is his first North American show.




Utopia Group Show, Galerie Utopia Berlin/Athens


Presented by Galerie Utopia Berlin/Athens,

with Saâdane Afif, Maxime Ballesteros, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Olivia Berckemeyer, Marc Bijl, Matthias Bitzer, John Bock, Borena Bodin, Erró, Lionel Estève, Andreas Golder, Thomas Helbig, Gregor Hildebrandt, Volker Hueller, Christian Jankowski, Dionisis Kavallieratos, John Kørner, Kolkoz, Michael Kunze, Alicja Kwade, April Lamm, Catherine Lorent, Isa Melsheimer, Klaus Mettig, Olaf Metzel, Yoko Ono, Daniel Richter, Henning Rogge, Thomas Scheibitz, Santiago Sierra, Katharina Sieverding, Orson Sieverding, Pola Sieverding, Franz Stauffenberg, Costa Vece, Jorinde Voigt, Raul Walch

photo 4view from the opening

nylons on the couch_2 nike, Neükolln

photos © maxime ballesteros


Gallery ‘le bleu du ciel’, ‘Nuit de la Photographie’ during the ’12° biennale d’art contemporain de Lyon’

ImageProxy ImageProxy-1

Nuit de la Photographie II
“Le monde tel qu’il est 2”

avec : Valérie Archeno – Maxime Ballesteros – Jean-Christian Bourcart – Julien Chapsal – Alexandra Czmil – Nicolas Descottes –
Richard Dumas – Philippe Durand – Gregoire Edouard – Karim Kal – Michel Mazzoni – Edith Roux – Bertrand Stofleth – Jan Stratman

projection publique sur l’esplanade du bleu du ciel
le 10 septembre de 20h30 à 22h30

Video: Nuit de la photographie II “Le monde tel qu’il est” from Aldo Paredes on Vimeo (My feature starts at 18:00 minutes)

LEADAWARD 2013, TISSUE Magazine is amongst the nominees of “newcomer magazine of the year”


(Deichtorhallen, photo © Uwe Jens Bermeitinger)

Issue at the top: photos and cover from the story “Nude”, shot for Tissue #2

More about Tissue here

More about LeadAward here





6 – 9 PM


The works by Danish artist ERIK  A. FRANDSEN (*1956) display a visual treat of colors, light and reflection. In fuzzy relations the borders between artwork, decoration and architectural element once again become blurred. Frandsen has covered the front space of the gallery with monochrome, shining quadrats. The arrangement of colors is random and does not follow a strict system predetermined by the artist. A neon lamp illuminates the middle of the gallery and seems like a three-dimensional drawing somehow stuck in time. The curved and bright colored fluorescent lights are not only being reflected in the floor installation but also in the large scale stainless steel sheets with engraved flowers – a memento mori that refers to the vanity of youth and beauty and at the same time distorts the reflection of oneself. The painted flower still lifes on canvases are oriented towards real flowers in the studio of the artist. Frandsen’s works give clear allusions to the eternal questions of sensuality, time and mortality.

Sexuality and fragility are also repeating themes in the works by the French photographer MAXIME BALLESTEROS (*1984), who lives and works in Berlin. Ballesteros documents the fashion and art scene in the same aesthetical manner as when he travels through France, the USA or Mexico. His photos can be seen as a personal diary or as the evidence of a silent observer. The title straw house suggests on one hand a wish for shelter and safety but at the same time points to a threat of rapid collapse. Such thematic contrasts characterize Ballesteros’ work – shimmering scenes of the fashion world and urban nightlife, trailer parks in suburban USA, intimate and private situations, scarred surfaces and the small absurdities of everyday life. In his photos the young photographer frames fragments of reality whereby stories and associations are triggered in the viewer’s imagination.

Galerie Mikael Andersen


photo those we miss, maxime ballesteros 2012

Maxime Ballesteros “love me – i’m trying”


Love me – I’m trying

Opening Réception Thursday, October 11th at 7pm
at Seven Star Gallery, Gormannstraße 7, 10119 Berlin-Germany
Exhibition: October 12th-November 17th,
Tu-Fr 2-7 pm, Sa 2-6 pm


The capital knows him. His name, his pictures, his acquaintances. Maxime Ballesteros represents the image of a scene. Because of his unique style and a love for the detail, he created a circle of lovers. But Maxime does not rest upon this. He travels through the world and he always wants to show is photography and its viewers new important extracts out of the unknown. His shots allow an intimate view in the life of many artists, models and other for him fascinating people. The diversity is one of Maximes biggest strenghts. Therefore he initiates a reality in which international fashion collides with Berlin nightlife and high-contrast portaits with touching landscape images.
“love me – I’m trying pursues something which is a constant in my work, the relationship one upkeeps with death, from a distance. In other words the way one stays alive. Constructing a perfect house and protecting a perfect car, sculpting a body, getting naked in front of strangers and getting naked together.” Maxime Ballersteros, 2012
Maxime Ballesteros was born 1984 in Lyon, France. After his graduation at ERBASE, fine art school of St. Etienne, he moved 2007 to Berlin and works from this base on his art. Maxime‘s pictures have been presented in several solo- and group exhibitions in France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Russia. He sees himself as an observer who likes things which are more subtle and funny instead of offensive and direct. Through is inimitable ambitious but still sensitive style, he created several images among others Interview Germany, Musikexpress, Neon, Purple Magazine, i-D or Zeit Magazin…


Gormannstr. 7, D-10119 Berlin
Tu-Fr 2-7 pm, Sa 2-6 pm
OPENING: October 11, 7 pm
barthouse culture concepts
Bernak Kharabi
phone: +4917670641892
in Sleek-Mag, 01 Magazine, Photo Press,, Amy&Ping, Contributor,


A view of our DSTM x TISSUE Magazine Réception ar Le Chat Gris, the 4th of July.

Thanks to Purple for the post ! Please click here to see the photos

photos © 2012 Maxime Ballesteros

BLOMSTER / FLOWERS / BLUMEN, 23 JUNE – 4 AUGUST 2012, Galerie Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen


Group exhibition, Galerie  Mikael andersen, Copenhagen

with: Nobuyoshi Araki, Maxime Ballesteros, Anne Bennike, Fritz Bornstück, Ismar Cirkinagic, Eva Steen Christensen, Søren Jensen, Karin Lorentzen, Heikki Marila, Mie Olise, Luzia Simons, Elisabeth Toubro, Michael Wesely, Kathrine Ærtebjerg

23 june – 4 august 2012

Exhibition “couples” | Opening Friday 3rd of February in Copenhagen

Opening of a new exhibition, couples, at Lala in Copenhagen this Friday, 3rd of February, from 6pm. it will stay there for one month.

Come if you’re in town !

Until Feb. 28th

Gammel Mønt 21
1117 Copenhagen

photos © 2012 Maxime Ballesteros

“Couples”, Art Take Miami competition

I’ve uploaded a part of the ongoing series couples for the Art Take Miami competition .

You can see the images here. Vote for me if you like, it’s at the top right corner.



image © Maxime Ballesteros

The Dicks & Bonus Material, Teapot Galerie



TEAPOT Galerie

dead and living dogs, San Miguel - 105x70cm - © Maxime Ballesteros

billboard, Mexico - 105x70cm - © Maxime ballesteros

Tape Modern Curator’s Choice

Tape Modern Curator’s Choice

Tape Modern No.23Friday, The 9th of September 2011, 7pm-3am
In cooporation with Heidestrasse Galleries and Halle am Wasser openings.Opening: Friday, The 9th of September 7pm-3am.
Address: Heidestrasse 14, 10557 Berlin.
Free entry till 11pm, 6Euro after!

This year will be our last Tape Modern season and we wanted to make something special!
Please don’t miss The opening and the big after-party for the artfair weekend!
As part of our farewell series, we asked previous curators of Tape Modern to curate this special exhibition.
Tape Modern is curated by:
Carola Schmidt, Stephan Koehler, Daniel Kingery, Antje Engelmann,
Amir Fattal, Ana Finel Honigman, Gabriel Braun, Lutz Henke, Cecile Evans, Johannes weiss and Christopher Winter.
Artists: Tolia Astali + Dylan Pierce / Maxime Balesteros / Ina Viola Blasius / Madeleine Boschan Gabriel Braun / Clara Brörman / Mariechen Danz / Uros Djurovic , Cecile Evans Amir Fattal / Dennis Feser / Francesca Gavin / Alex Gross / Stine Marie Jacobsen Felix Kiessling / Daniel Kingery / Marc Klee / Halina Kliem / Timo Kloeppel Henry Krokatsis / Sasha Kurmaz / Barbora Kysilkova / Cyrill Lachauer Rebecca Lamarche Vadel / Linus Lohman / MEDIA DEFEKT – Shan Blume Martin Meyenburg / Regine Mueller Waldeck / Javier Peres / Fabian Panetta Eva Maria Salvador / Anton Steenbock  / Moritz Stumm  / Emilie Trice Kurt von Bley / Sascha Weidner 
After party by Dor Levi !
*Tape Modern is Organized by Amir Fattal and Johnathan Margulies.
*Image by Eva Maria Salvador
Untitled (Nr. 1), (from the series KÖPFE), 2011

Funkhaus | ‘Berliner Zimmer Genossen’, Curated by Lutz Henke and Amir Fattal

‘Berliner Zimmer Genossen’

Curated by Lutz Henke and Amir Fattal

We are delighted to invite you to a special summer art event in the Berlin Funkhaus.
The ‘Berliner Zimmer Genossen’ features 48 Artists in a one time opportunity to use the entire 3rd floor of the Funkhaus as an exhibition space.

Each artist is getting his own room and will exhibit his work in a way that relates to this unique location.
In addition to this exhibition, there will be two other exhibition openings on that night;
The Funkhaus Art Prize 2011 at the Kultursaal and The Funkhaus Atelier Program exhibition in the old canteen.
Opening: 30 of June 18h-23h
Duration: 1-2 July 12h-17h
Address: Nalepastraße 18-50, 12459 BerlinArtists list:
Felix Amerbacher, Nadim Assad, Maxime Ballesteros, Aram Bartholl, Fabian Bechtle, Ina Viola Blasius, Maik Bluhm
Thibault Bourgoing, Thomas Bratzke, Gabriel Braun, Jessica Buhlmann, Markus Butkereit, Maria Margarethe Drexel
DTagno, Uros Djurovic, Frank Eickhoff , Amir Fattal, Pius Fox, Stella Geppert, GRUPPO TÖKMAG, Vincent Grunwald
Spiros Hadjidjanos, Tina Isabella Hild, Dirk Holzberg, Brad Hwang, Sean Johnson, Thari Jungen, Kathrin Köster
Felix Kiessling, Cyrill Lachauer , Tina Linster, Martin Meyenburg, Regine Mueller-Waldeck, Astrid Nippoldt, Nik Nowak
Yoann Pisterman, Plastique Fantastique, Judy Ross, Christine Schulz, Emmy Skensved & Greg Blunt, Polina Soloveichik
Tim Stapel, Anton Stenbock, Despina Stokou, Yukihiro Taguchi, TRYONE, Eveline van de Griend, Eric Winkle

Selection Prix Voies off 2011


The selection will  be presented in the Cour de l’Archevêché, July 6th from 10.30pm, during the night-projections at Arles Photofestival 2011 (Rencontres d’Arles)