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Irène #5

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Ping Pong group exhibition, Los Angeles


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In MB! by Mercedes Benz with Jen Gilpin

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Paris Fashion Week parties on

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Berlin Fashion Week on

Berlin Fashion Week s Best Moments  The Online Home of Fashion  News  Runway Shows  Trends  Fashion Models  Designers  Shopping  Beauty   More


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in DAS Magazin

Portraits of Geza Schön

DSC_1318 DSC_1319 DSC_1320 Geza_3

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Das Magazin


in Purple Fashion Magazine #21

Portraits of Kerim Seiler at his Berlin studio.

DSC_0804_2 DSC_0804 19210027

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Purple Fashion

photos © maxime ballesteros

on Dazed Digital

My 2013   Dazed Digital

8_calm after flash flood, Arizonacalm after flash flood, Arizona – photo © maxime ballesteros

In TISSUE Magazine #4


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in Extra Extra #2

DSC_8488 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8491 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8492 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8493 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8494 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8495 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8496 (glissé(e)s)

Vincent Cassel for Esquire Ukraine #15

DSC_8484 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8485 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8487 (glissé(e)s)

In Zoo #40

DSC_8473 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8475 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8476 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8477 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8478 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8479 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8480 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8481 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8482 (glissé(e)s)

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© 2013 maxime ballesterosine the field, Spandau © maxime ballesteros

All photos © 2013 maxime ballesteros

Styling Nina Byttebier

Modèles: Helga, Félix & Merle

Cover and story in the new Das buch als Magazin, ‘Woyzeck’ issue

DSC_8455 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8457 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8458 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8459 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8460 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8461 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8462 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8463 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8464 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8465 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8466 (glissé(e)s)

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all photos © 2013 maxime ballesteros

In the book “Nacht leben Berlin, 1974 bis Heute”, published by Metrolit

DSC_8302 DSC_8301 DSC_8300 DSC_8299 DSC_8298 DSC_8297 DSC_8296DSC_8295

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at Hau 2

Sleek #39

The Search Part 2, with mb! by Mercedes-Benz, more photos here !

000010300013 Sleek_search_II_5 DSC_8214 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8215 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8216 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8217 (glissé(e)s)

Studio Visits with Manfred Peckl, Monica Bonvicini, Rosa Barba and John Bock.

Sleek_search_II_9 DSC_8211 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8213 (glissé(e)s) DSC_8212 (glissé(e)s)

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all photos © 2013 maxime ballesteros